Vegan Hemp Minimalist Shoe Unboxing! The New Xero “Toronto”

As a proud Xero Hero, enthusiast and Xero Affiliate I am excited to share this unboxing of the new vegan hemp minimalist shoe by Xero Shoes, the “Toronto”!
Get 20%+ off of all 6 of Xero’s new spring line up (including the Toronto) until Feb 19th 2020 here

My Fave Vegan Skate Shoes are the Canvas “Venice” by Straye –

Check out my interview with Ultra Athlete Grant Campbell aka The Raw Aussie Athlete on the benefits of minimalist footwear

Check out my all time favourite minimalist footwear “Xero Shoes” with a amazing 5000 mile warranty
Ps – the “Amuri Cloud” is my favourite running sandal, the “Hana” my favourite casual shoe, the “Speed Force” my favourite athletic shoe, and the “Boaty” my favourite chill shoe and now the Toronto my favourite style shoe!

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But most of all
enjoy much

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