The Weed Box Unboxing Edra Izzo

The Weed Box Unboxing Edra Izzo
The Weed Box
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The Weed Box has all the essentials you need to stay lifted!

Similar to Hemper Box and Daily Highclub, but with more items and a high quality glass piece in every box!

The Weed Box always comes along with over a months worth of gear and essentials!
Raw Rolling Papers
Hemp Wick
Weed Socks
Clipper Lighters
Hand Pipes

The Weed Box • Featuring our influencers:

Southern DABBER 420
Big Mike 420 lifestyle
Graveyard goddess
Yoo Dabba Dabba
Washington Weed Reviews
Mary loves Glass
Aren’t Richard
Joey Wake & Bake
Sarkazz Vapes
RuffHouse Studios
Life Being Dest
Vany Vicious
And many more!..

Don’t forget to check out the GLASS SECTION!
Bongs, Water Pipes, bubblers, Hand Pipes, Glow in the dark, grinders, king palms, pipe cleaners, clipper lighters, juicy Jay wraps, ash trays, high hemp wraps, bangers, nails, silicone, rolling trays, dab mats, dab box, mega box, premium box, kind palm rings, raw cones, raw rolling papers.

The Weed Box has a growing assortment of glass hand pipes and glass water pipes / bongs.

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