Silicon Valley Cannabis Meetup

Learn from founders and investors as they describe the opportunities and challenges in raising and investing capital in the cannabis industry.

After attending dozens of conferences in the cannabis industry we realized that majority of the panels around investing in cannabis left founders with a lot of unanswered questions and covered topics at a high level. We launched Silicon Valley Cannabis (SVC) meetups to address those unanswered questions and dig into the details of fundraising in the cannabis industry. Our goal is to provide a valuable platform for the venture and startup ecosystems in the cannabis and hemp industries to network, collaborate and hear from thought leaders. Whether you’re a founder looking to raise capital or an investor looking for high-quality deal flow, you’ll want to attend to learn how to navigate the complex and fast-moving cannabis industry.

Vincent Ning, Founder & CEO || Nabis
Devaris Brown, Founder & COO || Cadera Brands
Bá Minuzzi, Founder & General Partner || BABEL Ventures
More to come!


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