Reefer Madness in Investing

With the stock market in meltdown, it’s important for people to have the FULL story. Cannabis is a great investment, even if our media doesn’t want to report that. Our media also failed, for years, to report on the financial crisis we’re witnessing take shape, so I wouldn’t put much money behind anything our media says.

Do your own research, numbers don’t lie. I share a lot of numbers here, like a $5 pot stock, in no debt, with no trade wars, with explosive growth mirroring that of cable TVs and cell phones, is a MUCH better investment than $300-$1800 tech stocks, which are the cause of the market crash.

Again, just because our media doesn’t report on the opportunity, even tries to short, blame, tear down cannabis stocks, doesn’t mean cannabis stocks aren’t winners. And with people’s 401ks and retirement on the line, it’s important factual information about cannabis stocks is shared.

So I hope this video does a good job convincing you why cannabis stocks are great investments, even if the media wants to demonize them. As I’ll show in this video, the media is good at demonizing cannabis, even when it doesn’t deserve it and it causes real harm to people. If you learn anything new from this video, please share. Education is the most crucial piece of cannabis becoming a booming legal industry. Thanks loves 💚


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