Recreational Cannabis Delivered! My Medical Marijuana Card Expired!

My medical marijuana card recently expired, and I haven’t gotten the chance to get back in front of my medical physician to get it renewed.

Long story short – I’ve resorted to purchasing RECREATIONAL CANNABIS (legal in Massachusetts!) – but the dispensary that I went to (there are only 8 in the whole state that do rec as of the posting of this video!) was charging up to $114/quarter including tax.

That’s unreal!

1g prerolls were $19 including tax. That’s just craaaazy.

When I told a friend of mine, he asked me why I didn’t order delivery. “Nah man, that doesn’t exist” I told him. “It sure does, he said. Check out and type in your location, delivery, and recreational, then call the companies that pop up!”

Well, sure enough, it worked. Two hours later, I had a delivery at my front door. Check out this video to see what happened!

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