Origin of Smokey Okies, Ep. 2 – Security is a priority

In this episode, Travis continues the tour of the facility build-out, and discusses how security is a top priority at Smokey Okies Cannabis. The facility will have over 30 security cameras covering the inside and outside of the facility.

Travis also tours the Vegetation Room, where the plants will grow from seedlings to a mature state ready to be flowered. If you want to learn how to build out your Veg Room/Bedroom, take a look at how this company does it.

If you have a dream of starting your own cannabis company, or want to learn the business of selling medical or recreation marijuana, watch this series about a cannabis start-up in Oklahoma City.

This is the story of how partners Ellie and Travis decided to make their dream a reality. All it takes is a passion and drive, hard work, and persistence.


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