Marijuana Used by Police and Media to Attack the Innocent

In another systematic attack and character assassination of His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam, Survana News has released and promoted false news about His Holiness to induce police action, giving them an “excuse” to call His Holiness “for questioning”. They have already done this tactic several times – calling out His Holiness for undue, unwarranted questioning based on a false case against Him, and then inciting mob violence, wherein He will be attacked and assassinated without a trace of the perpetrators. Site the example of how in 2010 they arrested Him on false charges and tortured Him in jail.
The murderous criminal activities of the media must stop NOW!

See Time stamps for Swamiji’s real statement embedded in the fake news released by Suvarna TV:
1:55 – 2:13 mins 3:20 – 3:22 mins

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