Marijuana Debunking the Myths by Dr. Ed Gogek

The Myths of Marijuana. A Special Presentation by Dr. Ed Gogek, a leading authority on the risks of marijuana. The legalization of medical marijuana has created an increasing negative shift in the attitudes and behaviors of not only those seeking out marijuana for use (both adults and youth) but in those that are providing medical and therapy services. Brought to you by Partnership for a Healthy Iowa.

Talk #1
Teenage brain development 1:51
Adverse outcomes of teenage use 14:25
Schizophrenia 21:43
Depression & Suicide 30:20
Violence 35:41

Talk #2 -Debunking 12 Myths About Marijuana
Myth #1: Jails & prisons are filled with MJ users 48:00
Myth #2: Police waste time & money pursuing MJ users 57:01
Myth #3: The drug war is a war on drug users 1:00:47
Myth #4: MJ laws are racist; they target minorities 1:02:35
Myth #5: For teens, pot is safer than alcohol 1:06:32
Myth #6: Legalization will make it harder for teenagers to buy marijuana 1:06:59
Myth #7: Marijuana use should be an adult choice. That’s why we’re only legalizing it for adults 1:08:38
Myth #8: If we legalize marijuana, drug dealers will no longer target our children 1:09:07
Myth #9: Teens will use no matter what 1:11:48
Myth #10: MJ will be tax windfall for states 1:14:18
Myth #11: Legalization eliminates cartels & black market 1:15:35
Myth #12: Prohibition of alcohol failed 1:16:25

Talk #3
Marijuana has medical benefit, but that’s not the question 1:19:33
How medical marijuana laws divert pot to substance abuse 1:32:58
Medical marijuana laws increase teenage and adult use 1:46:21
Deceptive pro-marijuana research on suicide, car crashes, & the workplace 1:54:58
Marijuana will make the opioid epidemic worse, not better 2:08:35
Conclusion on medical marijuana & what I say to patients 2:24:33


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