Lenders that helps your Cannabis Business

Sky High Cannabis Funding UB Full

During this livestream, you’ll discover …

• Four trustworthy, proven lenders which welcome cannabis-based businesses and will loan you money
• Just why the rapid changes in the legal status of cannabis can make it hard to get financing
• How the SIC and the NAICS seem to differentiate between medical marijuana and the sales of recreational cannabis…
• … but how the evolution in the laws means the SIC and NAICS codes still don’t seem to be settled for the cannabis industry
• Reasons – beyond marijuana being a controlled substance – for the cannabis industry to be seen as high risk
• Where to turn for cash for your marijuana business
• How unsecured business financing can be the best place to get the funding you need…
• … including details on qualification, how much you can get, and more
• The names of four rock-solid lenders with programs welcoming entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry…
• … including details on their requirements, terms, rates, and more
• Where peer to peer lending fits in
• Just how equipment leasing and real estate lending can be ways to get funding for your marijuana business

WOW, that’s a lot of great info we’ll be covering in this one hour live event.


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