InstantGMP™ MES: Software That Manages & Organizes Your Manufacturing Processes

InstantGMP™ MES: All-in-one manufacturing & quality software for cannabis, CBD, cosmetics, dietary supplements, hemp, herbal products, and kratom producers.
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Our cGMP Compliance and Batch Management software, InstantGMP™ MES, is the secret to producing higher quality and more consistent products. Our software simplifies your production processes by integrating all of your manufacturing operations in one system. The workflows required for Good Manufacturing Practices are built into the software to streamline the entire process of manufacturing products regulated by the FDA. Want to see batch management live? We’re more than happy to model your process within our software during an online demonstration. Batch Management software from InstantGMP™ MES is perfect for companies across several industries: Cannabis, CBD, Costmetics, Dietary Supplements, Hemp, Kratom, and many more.

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Robert Pochadt
Director of Sales


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