Inside MedMen with Daniel Yi |Los Angeles, CA

I’m back inside the MedMen world this time getting up close and personal to introduce you to Daniel Yi, VP Corporate Communications, MedMen Inc.

Why? because the Cannabis industry continues to grow fast, and with it, the rising acceptance of cannabis nationwide highlights the immense potential for future growth and MedMen is at the center of this revolution.

Right now, across the united states, close to 60% of the country’s population lives in a state that has legalized some form of marijuana use and sales. Yes, MedMen is, without a doubt, not only the coolest retailer in the country but also a dominant presence in the industry. Challenging the general public’s preconceived notions and clearing out the stigma cannabis users have faced till the day, MedMen is transforming the landscape one store at the time.

I know I know, there is so much to talk about the intricacies and equal opportunity in Cannabis retail, but let’s start here for now. Stick with me to take a closer look inside the MedMen ethos and feel free to speak your mind in the comments!

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