How to Make Cannabis Stem Tea – [Step by Step Guide]

In this video we will explain to you in greater detail not only about the possible medical uses of cannabis stem tea, but also we will describe …Step By Step Guide to Brewing Your Cannabis Stem Tea. Are you ready for your first brew of cannabis sticks and stems tea?

Ingredients You’ll Need:

The ingredients at this ratio will produce somewhere between 3-4 cups of brewed tea, but if you desire a greater quantity, simply multiply the numbers to your corresponding preference.

Leftover stems from your favorite cannabis, preferably organic (½-¼ cups worth)

Purified water (3 cups)

Standard sized tea bag(s) of your favorite non-ganja tea for added flavor (1-2 bags)

A coffee filter to strain the solid contents from the liquid

Either your favorite liquor/alcohol (2-3 teaspoons), milk/non-dairy milk (½ cup) or butter/coconut oil (½ tablespoon)


Shake, weed or kief to enhance potency and THC content (really just as much as you want)

The Process:

It is important to begin by noting that it is not possible to brew cannabis stems without an additional ingredient to bind the cannabinoids, specifically the THC, to the water. THC is not water-soluble, so it simply cannot be absorbed by H2O, and without a source of fat you will just end up with cannabis flavored hot water. That is why either alcohol, milk/non-dairy milk or butter/coconut oil, are included in the ingredients list. This is the source of fat for the THC to latch on to, so this individual ingredient is incredibly important.

Step-by-Step Guide:

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