How to get into the cannabis industry: Budtender of the year 2017

Hey everyone,

Thanks for tuning in to this episode of How to get into the Cannabis Industry. I won Budtender of the year in 2017 and will be giving ya’ll some tips that helped me out tremendously.

I help start a dispensary in San Diego, California called Urbn Leaf where I was able to build a huge network in the early stages of medical and recreational cannabis.

During that time I was featured in the LA Times, Pacific Magazine, The Reader, and even had my own monthly segment in the PotSaver.
I will try to do a weekly episode that talks about some of the tips that got me into the Cannabis Industry in California.

Thank you for tuning in and don’t forget to follow my Instagram @drjayfrentsos to follow more of my daily vlog.

Until next time my fellow cannabis advocates,

Roll one up,



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