Heated Marijuana Debate – Gloves Off with Patrick Bet-David – Ep 1

Is Marijuana good or bad? Should Marijuana continue being legalized or not? Gloves Off is a debate style segment where host (mediator) Patrick Bet-David discusses a current event or topic with two individuals whom each have polarized opinions for each side. Who do you agree with in this debate? Comment below. Subscribe to Valuetainment and don’t miss any new uploads http://bit.ly/2aPEwD4

About Jenn Michelle Pedini – She is the development director of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and serves as the executive director of the state affiliate, Virginia NORML. Jenn Michelle lobbies in Richmond and DC in support of expanding patient access to medical cannabis therapies, removing criminal penalties for personal possession, and eliminating federal research barriers. Regarded as the foremost expert on Virginia marijuana policy, Jenn Michelle is currently working to implement and expand the regulatory model for the in-state production of medical cannabis. http://bit.ly/2YMFdax

About Paul Chabot: he is an American politician, author, public speaker, San Bernardino County Reserve Deputy Sheriff, and a Lieutenant Commander of Naval Intelligence with the United States Navy Reserve. http://bit.ly/2YOG8r2

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