Gray Matters Radio Episode 42: Weeding Out The Real Medicinal Marijuana W/ Dr Bridget Wilson of Gree


With medical marijuana laws being passed across the country, we have seen a major public shift in the views of medicinal marijuana and cbd based medicines. But with that shift has also come a lot of false information, completely unsubstantiated claims, and doctors offices popping up everywhere to prescribe marijuana.

What is the truth and what is the bs? How exactly does this stuff work and what does does it legitimately treat? And most importantly, how do you know you are seeing a legit doctor versus a clinic that just hands you a card?

All of these questions are too important to not answer so our cannabis correspondent and sponsor Don Buccilla with Cannagroup hooked us up with Green Harvest Health’s owner and clinician Dr Bridget Wilson to straighten out the truth with medical marijuana and everything you need to know as a current or potential patient.

As always I am joined in the studio by the Armchair QB himself Bill Reed. Catch this.and every episode of Gray Matters Radio at and all major podcasting platforms. Gray Matters Radio is a proud member of The Reporters Network family of podcasts


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