EPISODE #45 Expanding Into European Cannabis Markets with David Stadnyk, President, CEO and Directo

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We’re joined this week by David Stadnyk, CEO and President of World High Life, cannabis investment company who have recently listed on the stock exchange in London. 

Join us as we speak about David’s cannabis investments, recent acquisitions, and the challenges faced entering the European market. 

Episode Summary• David has spent 30 years in the investment field, starting out as a broker and then going on to work within the pharmaceutical space.
• Six years ago, David started investing into the Canadian Cannabis sector and has been behind some of the largest cannabusiness successes within North America.
• David identified the UK cannabis space as a growing market and burgeoning space so has since expanded into this market.
• David’s company have since purchased Love Hemp, the UK’s largest CBD company, who are stocked in 1900 stores across Boots, Sainsburys, Holland and Barrett and more.
• In 2012, David’s company Supreme Pharmaceuticals posted a notice online stating their interest in the cannabis space and noticed a huge increase in their stock values overnight.
• World High Life operates as a family office. This means that their working capital comes from their own personal money.
• As a native Canadian, David’s experience spans the medical and recreational markets.
• David is now applying his expertise to operations within the UK market with his recent acquisition, and is now looking to expand into the German market.
• In the next year, Love Hemp will be rebranding, placing emphasis on educating the public about CBD/cannabis and asserting their dominance as the largest brand on the market. 
• David believes that the UK is up to 10 years behind the North American markets with regards to attitudes to THC, with this being said, he believes that the CBD market in the UK is comparable to the North American market in terms of the amount of people using it.
• Legal issues underpin attitudes towards cannabis within the UK, with the focus being on CBD for wellness. The medical market is still largely undeveloped. 

QuotablesI would put the [UK] CBD market very close to the North American market in terms of [the amount of people] using CBD 15:38

The UK are CBD kings compared to Canada 16:10

ResourcesWorld High Life: https://www.worldhighlife.uk/

Join David on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-s-93080331/


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