DionyMed Brands Inc (CNSX:DYME) Direct-to-Consumer Cannabis Leader

DionyMed Brands Inc (CNSX:DYME) (OTCMKTS:HMDEF) is a vertically integrated, multi-state, cannabis brands company. CEO Edward Fields explains that 50 percent of DionyMed’s revenue is from direct-to-consumer sales. While the company is vertically integrated in Oregon, in California DionyMed focuses on direct-to-consumer distribution. DionyMed fulfills all orders for Eaze, an online cannabis retailer, in the Bay area. DionyMed is expanding to the rest of California under its own direct-to-consumer brand, Chill. Fields believes value accrues to brand holders and DionyMed aims to offer consumers an Amazon Prime-like experience. Fields anticipates the House of Representatives attempting another vote on banking normalization for the US cannabis industry and suggests that when such normalization occurs, the valuations of US cannabis companies will triple.


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