Curaleaf Holdings Acquires Grassroots Cannabis

A new study exploring the side effects of cannabis legalization might just strike fear into the hearts of alcohol industry executives. The study, published in the Marketing Science journal, found that residents of adult-use states became less interested in alcohol when pot became legal, confirming previous studies connecting legal weed to decreases in alcohol sales.

A new audit by California’s Department of Finance found regulators have a long way to go before they have a solid handle on the state’s cannabis industry.

Oklahoma medical marijuana companies are on the verge of facing new regulations that will increase compliance costs.

Problems with the software release for the Washington state cannabis traceability system persist, as state regulators on Thursday announced a workaround for marijuana business-to-business transfers.

Outages of Washington state’s seed-to-sale traceability system prevented hundreds of cannabis producers, processors and retailers from conducting business-to-business transactions over the past four days.

California authorities seized $30 million worth of unlicensed cannabis products since the rollout of the state’s legal market in January 2018, but industry insiders say that’s far short of what’s needed to stamp out the black market.


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