CCGC's Robert Casillas Comments (Dispensaries vs. Nevada Dept. Taxation)

Nevada’s Dispensary Lawsuits (Cannabis Companies vs.
Nevada Department of Taxation)

(Featured on Fox’s Las Vegas Fox 5 News (KVVU-TV) on April 15th 2019)

Often cited cannabis industry expert, CCGC President Robert Casillas discusses the litigation between the Nevada Department of Taxation’s Marijuana Division and Nevada marijuana companies. At the time of this video/interview CCGC / Casillas had cannabis clients who had both received / were “awarded” cannabis dispensary certificates and had clients that were rejected / not awarded the new marijuana certificates in-question. CCGC / Casillas had to comment on what was in his opinion “right” and justified as he saw discrepancies with the process.

CCGC / Robert Casillas has been lauded for his integrity and doing what is right for The Client. Despite his on-going and valuable relationships with the Nevada Department of Taxation’s Marijuana Division, Casillas spoke-out on what he did not agree with about their process and procedures for this license issuance. Many consultants and industry professionals were reluctant to stand-up and speak-out for their clients. CCGC /Casillas will always advocate for their clients no mater the risk.

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