Cannabis Marketing with StonedGawd, Episode 3: Smoke, eat, rave, REPEAT!

This is episode 003 of my vlog! Still not really a vlog… still a montage of my life! Have a bunch of footage on my phone from the past few months so that’s what you’re seeing… but i promise it will be more “vlog” style soon!

What’s the cannabis marketing lesson for this episode? Live a genuine life because it’ll show in your work.

Building brands is my passion. Here’s my journey!

Episode 003: Dog walking, hollywood sign, placebo effect crew, macro weed shots, supercool ice cream los angeles, supercool nitro ice cream, liquid nitrogen, supercool los feliz, stuffd dumplings, dj nathaniel, exchange la, fiore weed, sublime w rome, sublime with rome live, secret performance, desert x, armando lerma, joshua tree, sweet honey dessert, art rave, showgrow long beach, amaluna, cirque du soleil, trash basketball, enoki mushroom, art chemist, shine gold paper joint.


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