Aurora and Canopy up BIG!!! Stocks I will add to my Portfolio!!!

Here are some of the things I talk about in the video!
Sold off ABBV

cash: $2,375 which is around 33%
$1,187 for swing trades

Reports earnings @ feb 14
would purchase some for a swing trade under $150

Canopy Growth
Reports earnings @ feb 14
It’s under a resistance of $47
Will buy more @ $35 and if it keeps dropping, buy more @ $26
Here’s Why Cannabis Stocks (ACB, CRON) Are Gaining Today
Aurora Cannabis: one of its partners, Radient Technologies, received a license that will allow it to extract higher-quality CBD. Radient is Aurora’s extraction-technology partner.

Reports earnings @ feb 11
Will buy more @ $6.15, $5.50, $4.75

Reports earnings @ feb 12


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