Alcohol Versus Weed

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention is studying which is more harmful, alcohol or marijuana. They found that deaths directly caused by alcohol in the US per year is 88,000. Deaths caused by cannabis in the US per year is zero.
And the alcohol deaths do not include car crashes caused by alcohol. But just imbibing alcohol caused 88,000 deaths, weed zero. Is it really difficult to come to a conclusion from these two numbers? 88,000 versus zero come on, I’m the stoner here and I can figure it out. 88,000 to zero… I think I got it figured out.

I put no one down for using alcohol. My wife is half Italian and half Chardonnay. We refer to ourselves as Weedo and Wino. I have a close friend who has had more White Russians than Catherine The Great. In my Bakersfield family topping the list of “most admired people” is Jack Daniels. Once I heard a relative say that “he was too drunk to fish.” “Thank God he could still drive.” My Uncle Joe had a bar in Arvin, California and he claimed that a woman gave birth on his bar’s pool table.
“Somebody put a quarter in the jukebox and play Mama Tried!”


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