7 CBD Products We’re Adding to Our Wellness Routine This Year – News Today

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For any copyright, please send me a message.  Sponsored content. Us Weekly receives compensation for this article as well as for purchases made when you click on a link and buy something below.  CBD is the king of all things wellness right now. What is it, exactly? It’s derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, but it’s not a drug. THC is the psychoactive part of the plant you’d find in marijuana, but CBD is the other part. While CBD products may contain up to 0.3% THC, they won’t get you high. What they may still do, however, is calm your nerves, soothe your pain, help you sleep or even improve your skin or hair!  Another question we see is, what’s the difference between CBD and hemp seed oil? Are they the same? And no, they aren’t. Hemp oil is great too, but the benefits aren’t necessarily the same. It can still help your skin, but CBD can do so much more. You might want to check some CBD products out if you’re dealing with chronic pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety or depression — and that’s just to name a few!  Yet another question we often see is, what the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD? Simply explained, full-spectrum CBD is made with all of the phytochemicals from the Cannabis sativa plant, while broad-spectrum CBD completely removes THC. While neither has psychoactive effects, broad-spectrum is the safer bet if you have a drug test coming up so you don’t end up with a false positive. Full-spectrum, however, you may find more effective!  There are so many different types of CBD products now. You can get CBD snacks, drinks and even gummies! Just make sure to check out a dosing chart, starting small to see what works for you. There are also plenty of topical CBD treatments! For example, loves CBD salves, and uses a CBD oil to soothe her aching feet after award shows. is also a huge fan, using lotion for her sore muscles!  Luckily, CBD has become so normalized that we can even buy it online now at some pretty major retailers and some CBD-exclusive ones too! Just make sure everything has 0.3% THC at most, and pick one based on your personal needs. Need some options to start with? Check out seven of our favorite CBD topicals for 2020 below!    Give yourself the gift of relief this year with this handy roller! See it!      This therapeutic bath bomb smells incredible and claims that once you try it, “you might give up showers permanently”! See it!      We’ve tried the popular hemp version of this face oil, but this version from the fan-favorite brand kicks it up a notch with full-spectrum CBD! See it!          This gel has an icy-hot sensation and a near-perfect collective rating! See it!      This wonderfully lightweight cream might be exactly what your skin


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