What The Housing Crisis Can Teach Us About Cannabis Investing

In this video we explore how the housing crisis can lead to big profits in cannabis.

Learning from the mistakes of others can be pretty profitable. Ask Danny Mosses the investor that had a movie created after him. Danny Moses is one of the richest investors. He took a short position right before the housing market collapsed.

In this video we will examine how to take advantage of past mistakes, and use them to become intelligent investors.

We specialize in investing in what we call non-traditional assets

The reason why we call that is we’re talking about stuff that you don’t find on the New York Stock Exchange.

So the typical response when people think about investing is “I don’t have enough money”

and the reason why they think that is because typically someone would need a $100k or even move to the needle

So then it’s like what’s the point…

So for us, that wasn’t good enough for our team and in looking to find something better we’ve scoured the world looking for what we call non-traditional investments; so I mean oil & gas fields, gold & silver mines, cryptocurrencies, cannabis, options & stock trading and distressed real estate; I mean you name it we’ve pretty much tried it trying to get better than average returns…

Regarding mutual or index funds.

We recommend that everyone have some as part of a diversified asset allocation strategy

We address that with other videos on the channel.

Those don’t really excite us because for those types of investments you need $100k to make a few thousand

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