Top 10 Cannabis Trends (BDS Analytics 2019)

The Talking Hedge, Top 10 Cannabis Trends 2019
a week in weed review, covering cannabis business news & events

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BDS Analytics Top 10 Trends for 2019: 0:10
5 Key Innovations Driving the Future of Cannabis: 13:21
Artificial Intelligence & Cannabis: 14:04
World Health Organization (WHO) Recommends Reclassifying Cannabis: 14:54
3 Reasons Why The US Wont Legalize Cannabis in 2019: 18:07
How to Invest in Cannabis IPOs: 20:14
Millennials own more cannabis stock in $ACB than $AAPL: 22:14
Weekend Unlimited’s Stock Soars 90% After Winning “POT” Ticker Symbol: 23:15
US Cannabis Investment Set to Surge: 24:24
Global Standards Group New Cannabis Categories: 26:14
Columbia Exports Cannabis to Canada: 28:56
China Visits Israel to Explore Medical Cannabis: 30:00
Will Europe Become the World’s Largest MMJ Market in 5 Years?: 30:43
Molson Coors Invest $57MM in CBD Beverage: 32:42
Cannabis “Poisoning” Increase Post-Legalization in Canada: 33:25
Puerto Rican MMJ Companies Without Banking: 35:49
High Risk of Predatory Lending in the Cannabis Industry: 38:06
Cannabis Banking Bill at the House Financial Services Committee: 39:04
Cannabis Stock Updates: 40:25
Oregon Producing 2X Demand: 43:28
Washington’s Cannabis Data System Needs a Reboot: 44:13
5 Tips to Stay in Compliance: 47:49


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