The Truth Of Marijuana Part 1 – The Pot Conspiracy & Cannabis History

The Truth Of Marijuana Part 1 – The Pot Conspiracy & Cannabis History
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In 1619 America’s first marijuana law
was enacted at Jamestown Colony Virginia
ordering all farmers to grow hemp seed
more mandatory hemp cultivation laws
were enacted in Massachusetts in 1631 in
Connecticut in 1632
and in the Chesapeake colonies into the
mid 1700s even in England the much
sought-after prize of full British
citizenship was bestowed by a decree of
the crown on foreigners who would grow
cannabis and fines were often levied
against those who refused cannabis was
legal tender in most of the Americas
from 1630 1 until the early 1800s why to
encourage American farmers to grow more
you could pay your taxes with hemp
throughout America for over 200 years
you could even be jailed in America for
not growing cannabis during several
periods of shortage Benjamin Franklin
started one of America’s first paper
mills with cannabis this allowed America
to have a free colonial press without
having to beg or justify the need for
paper and books from England George
Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew
cannabis on their plantations Jefferson
while in vojta France went to great
expense and even considerable risk to
himself and his secret agents to get
good hemp seeds smuggled illegally into
Turkey from China the Chinese political
rulers so valued their hemp seed that
they made its exportation a capital
offense the united states census of 1850
counted 8327 hemp plantations that were
all a minimum of 2,000 acre farms
growing cannabis for cloth canvas and
even cordage for baling cotton most of
these plantations were located in the

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