The Talking Hedge, cannabis business news update

The Talking Hedge, episode 5
A week in Weed Review for Jan 1st, 2019

Intro: 0:20
Past Event (Dope Magazine Industry Party): 0:25
Upcoming Event (Lift Expo): 0:47
Local Event (Cannabis Alliance WA Summit): 1:02
Ripped From The Headlines: 1:17
Trending (CBD): 2:03
In Other News: 3:02
Shoutout (Leira Cannagar): 4:20
Graph of the Week (Impacts of The Farm Bill): 4:33
Global Cannabis News: 5:22
M&A / Investments (Aphria): 5:49
Cannabis IPO News (Ascent Industries): 6:44
Cannabis IPOs (Budweiser): 7:34
Cannabis Banking: 8:23
Pot Stocks: 8:37
2019 Hot Item (Consumption Lounges) 9:11

Marijuana & Business 2019 Predictions

Lift Expo

Ripped From the Headlines

Trending, CBD


Chart of the week

International News

Cannabis Hostile Takeover

Ascent Industries


Cannabis Banking (MA)

Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis Cafes

FDA’s response to CBD (Farm Bill aka Hemp Bill)

Leira’s $11K Cannagar

Aprhia’s Stock Debacle


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