The Cannabis Eco-System Part 2: Marijuana Cultivation as a Business

Part 2 in our series discussion on the Cannabis Eco-System. We will feature Cultivation Subject Matter Experts who areas of focus include Lighting, Nutrients, Master Growers, Infrastructure, hydroponics, Geneticist, and etc. No matter if you are experienced, startup, and/or seeking a license to cultivate in your state. This is a Cannatalk with Roz you don’t want to miss!

Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Inc (M4MM) is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization that is committed to a mission of providing advocacy, outreach, research and education as it relates to the political climate and issues of national importance around the business, social reform, public policy and health/wellness related to the Cannabis industry.

Minorities for Medical Marijuana:

The JARVIZ Project is an online platform that provides financial education and research to a subscriber list of over 90,000 millenials and minorities who are looking to educate themselves on money and learn how to use its power as a tool for achieving personal empowerment and financial freedom.

So the typical response when people think about investing is “I don’t have enough money”

and the reason why they think that is because typically someone would need a $100k or even move to the needle

So then it’s like what’s the point…

So for us, that wasn’t good enough me so I’ve assembled a team of experts that scours the world looking for something better (asymmetric 1,000% returns :).

We focus on what we call non-traditional investments; so that includes entreprenuership, cryptocurrencies, cannabis, start-up & angel investing, real-estate, oil & gas fields, gold & silver mines and options & stock trading; I mean you name it we’ve pretty much tried it trying to get better than average returns for our capital and time…

We cover a lot of what is called non-traditional investment assets

The reason why is that we’re talking about stuff that you don’t find on the New York Stock Exchange.

Regarding mutual or index funds.

We recommend that everyone have some as part of a diversified asset allocation strategy and we address it with a variety of educational resources and training on our channel.

But those don’t really excite us because for those types of investments you need $100k to make a few thousand.

JARVIZ: A System for Passive Investing and Building Wealth in the Green Rush:


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