Recap: Gary Vee's $.02 on the Cannabis Industry (2019)

The Talking Hedge… your cannabis business podcast

Show notes:
*98% of the Brands You Love Will Collapse 

#1) overpiced media has created $30+ CAC with a LTV budget of only $19
#2 (social media influencers are underpriced) 
Huge Role: Influencers by nature are creative and distribution media all in the price of one with affirmation, word of mouth and cosigning. They’re the great deal of our industry.
#3) suffocate your channels in order to find your key ROIs
#4) brands are wasting 85% -90% on marketing doing old things with old reports
*How to Dominate the Cannabis Industry 

a.) be in cannabis for cannabis
b.) Build Content
c.) stop crying about not being able to advertise on IG/FB just find an alternative
d.) be comfortable working within a highly regulated industry 
*The Future of the Cannabis Industry | Interview With DOPE Magazine 

#1) the cannabis industry is ahead of every other industry because of its youth an entrepreneurship
#2) the cannabis industry is going to be the teacher of innovation by 2040, influencing how all products are sold
#3) make more content, be less subjective, recognize that your ego is the reason for your perfectionism otherwise you’ll become obsolete
#4) focus on podcasting, it’s very very real
#5) FUTURE: Cannabis Delivery Methods & Hardware/packaging design 
#6) utilize social media Influencers


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