Podcast #77: Skip, Julie, and Jason of Soulful Cannabis

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Join me today and listen in on my chat with Skip, Julie, & Jason from Soulful Cannabis, a non-profit on a mission to ensure the explosive cannabis industry is the “best version of itself”.

Soulful Cannabis is a collective working to make the cannabis industry the best version of itself: https://www.soulfulcannabis.com/

Medical Marijuana Education and Patient Registration Event (Make sure to RSVP now since limited spots are available): https://www.soulfulcannabis.com/events/

Make sure to visit the sponsor for this episode, XWerks: https://xwerks.com/


Learn more about Skip, Julie, and Jason: https://www.soulfulcannabis.com/about-us/

Cannabis Manifesto by Steve DeAngelo: https://amzn.to/2D1YOHa

Soulful Cannabis Attends a Kundalini Yoga and Sound Journey: https://www.soulfulcannabis.com/blog/soulful-cannabis-attends-a-kundalini-yoga-and-sound-journey/


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