NY to have Legal Cannabis in 2019?

Cannabis education and resources are linked below for those doing more research on the web pages I shared. This videos covers the new legislation NY State gov’t is proposing for a Bill to be released in January 2019. The Bill is to have regulations for Recreational Cannabis for New York.

It is my duty as a Veteran to expose NY medical cannabis program for NOT being transparent and still not offering eatables or flowers as part of the plant’s medicine. My hope is that as NY goes recreational that OUTDOOR, HOME CULTIVATION is where true medicine will be found and NOT from a state initiated program.

~~Cannabis Education Series: Exposing NY Cannabis~~

Cost of my prescription for 1 month: https://youtu.be/bb6-XHZK5Z4
Sacred Plant Healing, Learning Cannabis, Vets:
Legal Cannabis in NY??? https://youtu.be/dkbYqMGftvQ
Getting Medical Cannabis Prescription & Card (NY) https://youtu.be/ZN67jf2NTxU

Part I of NY Cannabis Exposed https://youtu.be/TEJRroQWgwM
Part II of NY Cannabis Exposed https://youtu.be/jWnWz32c1wY
Part III NY Cannabis Exposed https://youtu.be/6sEYkNqzWCI
Part IV NY Cannabis Exposed https://youtu.be/Ir6zpq9jST8

Cannabis culture, community and connection in New York State is missing. With the bogus medical “marijuana” program the state has created to be the WORST plant medicine program of all 31 states that have medical cannabis for its residents. Because of the “closet & behind closed doors” paradigm created through making this sacred plant illegal, it is time to create anew. The shift for legal, recreational cannabis is approaching its final stages here in New York, and I as a combat veteran am anxious to see the day for home cultivation.

With legislature crafting a bill to be proposed in January 2019, we are less then two months away from see the details of this process unfolding. This is an update to where we stand in NY for legal pot.

New Regulation to NY’s Medical Program ~ https://www.health.ny.gov/press/releases/2017/2017-12-08_new_medical_marijuana_regulations.htm

Marijuana Legalization in NY ~ https://www.health.ny.gov/regulations/regulated_marijuana/docs/marijuana_legalization_impact_assessment.pdf

NY Looks to Expand Med Marijuana ~ http://www.wxxinews.org/post/new-york-looks-expand-access-medical-marijuana

VOX, NY Gov’t Regulation ~ https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/8/2/17644432/new-york-marijuana-legalization-governor-andrew-cuomo

Gov. Cuomo as for Recreational Cannabis bill ~ https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/governor-announces-plans-regulate-adult-use-marijuana-new-york/

NYC Cannabis Networking ~ https://www.marijuanatimes.org/new-york-citys-cannabis-networking-continues-to-grow-like-the-industry/

Cannabis Business of Legalized Pot ~ https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/new-york-looks-to-expand-access-medical-marijuana/

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