molecular distillation machine for high purity industrial CBD oil

One of the most valuable essential oil-industrial hemp CBD oil processing line

A complete technological industrial solution for obtaining the drying, solvent extraction, separation, concentration, distillation and purification process for CBD hemp oil.

we are supplying complete production line from hemp pretreatment to final purification process,
and the most common accepted solution is with 40kg per hour processing line

Based on the technical study and project experience on hemp industrial CBD oil extraction process and technology,
we have come up with mature technology and process production line for high purity industrial CBD oil.

-The preliminary pretreatment with hemp stems, leaves, flowers and seeds are crushed by a crusher, and dried in a vacuum low temperature drier
-The particle is put into a centrifugal extraction kettle for dynamic countercurrent solvent extraction and separation.
-The solvent can be recovered with evaporation and purified with distillation column for second use.
-The concentrate is degummed to remove water-soluble impurities, proteins and other substances.
-with dehydration operation, CBD oil content liquid will be further purified by molecular distillation assembly unit and a golden viscous CBD oil can be obtained.
-The liquid phase con. of 70% to 80% with high CBD fraction is practicable to obtain with molecular distillation processing.

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