Midas Letter RAW 103: Province Brands, Kore Mining Ltd, Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis

Midas Letter RAW highlights the stocks and stories to watch in the Canadian markets today. James West and Ed Milewski provide comprehensive fundamental & technical analysis on all trending business and investment news, while interviewing the top CEOs of all public companies and analysts with the highest reputations in the business.

0:00 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis News and Analysis with James & Ed
-Acreage Holdings IPO, 20+M outstanding shares; 108M future subordinate shares
-CannTrust (TSE:TRST) record revenue; taking steps to list on the NYSE; increase to more than 50,000 patients
-Acreage Holdings began trading CSE (ACRG.U); last IPO price $25; $2.5B valuation
-MJardin group began trading on the CSE; designed 100+ facilities; binding LOI to acquire Growforce
-Dixie listing on the CSE under DIXI
-Ontario regulations for private recreational cannabis stores; standalone stores only; retailers can have up to 75 stores each
-intraday chart of Acreage Holdings (ACRG.U): too much stock at too high a price
-Oct. 5 2018; Acreage sold subordinate shares for $0.05; 10 days later released for 2.3M shares for $0.06; approx 4.5M shares out at $0.05-$0.06 now at $25; sketchy; if buying their stock higher, you are their exist strategy
-white collar “creativity” (egregious): private company trading on public exchange

22:28 – Province Brands of Canada CEO Dooma Wendschuh and his team are tired of waiting for the federal legalization of cannabis-infused beverages in Canada and have launched Cambridge Bay Pilsner, a beer brewed from hemp with 7% alcohol. The Cambridge Bay beer will be produced as a part of a just announced partnership with Whitby, Ontario’s Brock Street Brewing; in addition, Province Brands has also licensed its proprietary brewing technology to Brock Street.

35:23 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with James & Ed
-ML indexes: up 3-5.5%
-want to look at the stocks that aren’t participating in the lift
-CSE Index: Leviathan Cannabis (EPIC) down 6%; continues downward trend
-CSE biggest winner: Heritage Cannabis Holdings up 25%

46:48 – Ask Me Anything (Q&A)
-Q: Should I be investing in the cannabis industry (TSE:ACB); A: if you’e got a big profit, take some money off the table
-Q: smaller cannabis companies to keep eyes on? A: Emblem (EMC), WeedMD (WMD); Khiron;
-Q: Why are tech companies coming to Canada for $$? Why are Toronto and Ottawa punching above weight in tech sector? A: thresholds are lower here; easier, less money needed to be raised;

1:08:31 – Kore Mining Ltd (CVE:KORE) CEO Adrian Rothwell shares details of the company’s new project sites, acquired through a recent reverse takeover. The two projects acquired in California are ready for mining to commence while the projects in British Columbia require more exploration.

1:18:33 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with James & Ed
-oil and natural gas reversal
-natural gas dropped about 20% today
-CannTrust (TSE:TRST) at one point up 30%;
-SPX: filled gap; positive day

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