Michigan Legalized Marijuana (Nov 2018)

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That are intending to distribute it that’s a very different argument, in for the we have much less in Michigan, outside money come in in other states, the majority of the localities have that have had the chance to vote have opted given deadly than regular old pipe tobacco had ever been in a lot of you inhale there’s going to be more contact with law enforcement after legalization than before.

Because people right now unfortunately a lot of people think now it’s legal it’s a free-for-all they think that means you could that means you could do anything you want with it well no actually if you take the legalize herbs at their word that means it’s regulated that means there’s rules around it and if there are rules there those rules will be broken especially by people who think that it’s a free-for-all so we’re very very concerned about that.

Sorry for the bad translation and the lack of points, accents, commas, etc. I am Spaniard and it is laborious to correct it.


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