Medicinal cannabis: what is the competitive advantage of investing in Australia for global markets?

Medicinal cannabis is one of the fastest growing product markets worldwide with projections it will outstrip the beverages market by the mid-2030s. It comes with enormous expectations to cure many conditions with community opinion outstripping the evidence of efficacy, which is largely anecdotal and lacking the double blind, placebo-based clinical trials expected in the traditional pharmaceutical market and by medical practitioners.

To further complicate the ecosystem, cannabis is listed as an illicit narcotic drug under the UN Narcotics Act, yet jurisdictions are legalising cannabis for recreational use, causing significant challenges in the supply chain and for regulators. What are the opportunities and the challenges for businesses operating in Australia?

This session was presented by La Trobe University & the ARC Medicinal Agriculture Research Hub

Professor Tony Bacic, Research Director, La Trobe Institute for Agriculture and Food/ ARC Research Hub for Medicinal Agriculture
Cam Battley, Chief Corporate Officer, Aurora
Dr Peter Crock, CEO, Cann Group
Warren Everett, Managing Director, APAC at MediPharm Labs, MediPharm
Ben Quirin, Managing Director of APAC, Canopy Growth
Professor John Skerritt, Deputy Secretary, Dept of Health, Federal Government of Australia
Megan Higson, Director Agriculture Industry Development, Agriculture Victoria


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