LEGALIZE Cannabis! Senator Mike Gabbard asks for your testimony!

PATIENTS WITHOUT TIME presents Senator Mike Gabbard asking citizens to TESTIFY to the HAWAII Legislature. The Legislative session begins on January 16, 2019. Senator Gabbard speaking at the 2nd annual Maui Cannabis Conference, held at the Royal Lahaina Resort, put out a strong CALL TO ACTION!

Senator Gabbard, and his increasing famous daughter, Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard, and many of Hawaii’s leading politicians support legalizing cannabis. However, old prejudices, and misinformation, have stopped legalization in Hawaii, and will put it off for years to come, if we don’t speak out against the racial and economic prejudice of the Cannabis Prohibition!

Hawaii’s Governor Ige is so brain-washed against cannabis that, during this opioid crisis, he actually vetoed a bill, that would have allowed registered cannabis patients to treat opioid addiction with medical cannabis. This outraged many patients and their support groups, and show the importance of our testimonies.

If we want cannabis to be legal in Hawaii, we must speak-up and tell our lawmakers what we want!

Contact PATIENTS WITHOUT TIME for more information.


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