Legal Cannabis Reviews – Storytime, my experience with the San Rafael Tangerine Dream bought on OCS

I reside in Canada, Cannabis, marijuana, weed whatever you call is is LEGAL for 19+ for recreational and medical consumption.

I talk about San Rafael’s Tangerine Dream until 1:20,
then go on a rant about our system
skip to 3:45 for rest of San rafael experience

This is a short and sweet story time review regarding my latest cannabis haul from the ontario cannabis store website (OCS). I review my first experience with the San Rafael 71 tangerine Dream.

Truth, I got once packaged from February, in August in a plastic container I knew it would be super dry #yuck 🤢 . I sent it right back to the OCS, hey at least they accept returns

I even called the company to get more information regarding their packaging and processing to ensure the end customers are getting a product worth their name. They assured me they do all they can, but that the government holds the cards! too bad they couldn’t salvage our first impression.

I don’t consume old product, I refuse.
The government prices are charging a lot of money for inferior product pushing more people into the underground. I will send it back #nooldweedocs



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