Investing in Cannabis

Cannabis Science and Policy Summit 2016

Federal laws, especially banking rules, deprive cannabis entrepreneurs access to many of the traditional investment opportunities and vehicles. This panel explores the challenges facing firms seeking capital, investors seeking opportunity, and intermediaries seeking to match firms with investors.

What are the likely revenue and profit streams from legal cannabis, and how do they divide by sector?

What are the likely capital needs of different sectors of the industry?

What are the potential sources of funds?

What special problems are created by the laws, and what strategies are available to firms, investors, and intermediaries to manage those problems?


Hilary Bricken, Partner, Harris Moure

Featured Speakers:

Brendan Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer, Privateer Holdings

Dan Sutton, Founder and Managing Director, Tantalus Labs

Luigi Zamarra, Owner, Luigi CPA

Kris Krane, Principal & Managing Partner, 4Front Advisors


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