International Export and Commerce – International Cannabis Business Conference Vancouver 2019

Canada has been the world’s leader in the international cannabis market, however, competition is ramping up as other countries legalize international cannabis commerce. Uruguay and Israel have already started exporting, and more nations will certainly follow suit.

How can Canadian companies make inroads into other nations and keep a competitive advantage? This panel provides a rundown of the current international cannabis business landscape and discusses ways that Great White North companies can use their considerable resources (not just cannabis exports, but data and analytics too) in order to maintain its status as a leader in the global cannabis market.

Panelists: Andrew Muroff (CEO, Strainprint Technologies LTD.), Clint Younge (President, Company X), Linus M Weber (Founder & CEO, Nimbus Health GMBH), Tom Zuber (Founder, Zuber Lawler)

Moderator: Robert Laurie (Ad Lucem Law Corp.)


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