illegal ads by "Patriot Care Lowell" using "Weed" "Delivery" "Weed Delivery" Google Keyword Campaign


Thanks for your email.  I will be sure to forward your email to the Enforcement department for further review.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Matt Giancola

Director of Constituent Services, Cannabis Control Commission

101 Federal Street, 13th Floor

Boston, MA O211O
O: (617) 7O1-84OO

Cannabis Commission
Attn# Matt Giancola

I just spoke with Jennifer at the Cannabis Commission phone number 617.7O1.84OO she said you were unavailable and that she could not give me a direct phone number so we had an associate send you a Twitter message with the screenshot showing you the illegal advertising being done by Patriot care along w 2 emails from different accounts & posting this here for all to see. This has been happening for some time now they’re not supposed to be using the word WEED yet when you type “weed delivery” in the Lowell Massachusetts area you can see their ad I have attached it here please go ahead and shut them down immediately without delay I’m going to be posting this in multiple places do your job immediately without delay thank you.

Very hard to get ahold of and I don’t think that you’ll get back to us anyway so I won’t be holding my breath but you are on notice right now today its 213 just turned 2:14 p.m. on May 14 2019. A copy of this email will be saved and posted in other places to confirm the fact the Cannabis commission email was notified Jennifer was notified & you were notified all today within the last 15 minutes.

Just found a cannabis commission Google review page going to add this there now.

Thank you for your time.

Update Notified Boston Globe and Lowell Sun & Herald.

CALL 5O8.2O3.1786 INSTEAD.
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