Hemp UP Lows Down Episode 11: Mystic Roots CBD and Wisconsin Hemp Flower multi strain review

Mystic Roots – Sour Space Candy
Wisconsin Hemp Flower – Umpqua, Rogue, Lifter (outdoor) and Suver Haze

WHF impresses again with 4 amazing tasting flowers. Their 2019 offerings have all been great thus far. I’m looking forward to whatever else they’ll continue producing. There was a few seeds in these flowers, but their website notes this and tbh I’ll probably grow sprout these seeds and see what happens.

Mystic roots is a new challenger with a great SSC. The 2nd of the 2019 SSC that I’ve tried, the trim job could’ve been much better, but the smell and flavor was noteworthy. Mystic Roots should also start sending their flowers out with test results or a letter to LEOs (not people born later july – mid august) so customers don’t get harassed.


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