Growing Cannabis 101 with HappyLeafLed Part #1

I’ve put this video together for those of you out there new to growing or looking to get into growing. During this video I cover from seedlings up through the vegetative stage and into the prep for flower. I try to cover as much crucial detail as possible but if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I am working with some new strains this series so I will have a bit of a learning curve myself. The specific strains are Hit Girl ( a cross of Bloodwreck and 9lb Hammer), and Crown of Thorns X with Mothertongue, both from Jinx Proof Genetics. Also one of my own creations Ed Rosenthal Super Bud X Chernobyl Golden Ticket. There are also a few late additions after sexing 9lb Hammer and Skunk1 X Chernobyl Golden Ticket. Along with the new strains I am really giving the new lights from HappyLeafLed a go. I have rigged up there individual lights a few grows in the past and have had good success, now I am trying out 2 of there Procyon Yeild Max setups. Anxious to see how it all turns out. Hope you all enjoy, Stay tuned for the Flower Cycle and as always, Happy Growing and Blessed Be.


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