February 2019 LED Marijuana Grow Show + Rosin Press Updates

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In this video I am doing a quick video update of my current marijuana grow show. I am running them in a 4×4 grow tent under led grow lights.

I have had these led grow lights for a few years now and so far they have held up. I am thinking however of rebuilding them so I can have the red and blue lights in one tent and just hit switches to adjust the various spectrums that I am trying to shoot for.

Now besides growing the super silver sour diesel haze and the 9 pound hammer I am also looking into getting a resin press or two.

I see many good things happening in the squishing and smashing scene and I really enjoy using ZERO SOLVENTS. That was the one downfall to bho for me. I hated using it and hated smoking it even if I believed I got 99.999999% out.

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