EAZE Review 2019 – EAZE Medical Marijuana Delivery in California – EAZE Promo Code 2019

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If you live in California, and need a Medical Marijuana, Delivered right to your door steps?

Introducing Eaze.

Eaze is a medical marijuana delivery service in california.

Eaze is a revolutionary way to receive your medical marijuana delivered straight to your home.

Just imagine ordering your weeds in your pajamas, It’s as easy as having a nice cup of coffee in one hand and your phone in the other.

And, it only takes a couple of minutes to place your weed order online.

The company is actually so confident in their product and service that they are offering new customers $20 off on their first marijuana delivery.

Now, if you you want to take advantage of our $20 Coupon on your order today simply use Eaze promo code that’s provided to you in the description below this video.

One of our team members actually uses medical weed on a regular basis, as he suffers from chronic back pains.

We decided to give the Eaze weed delivery service a try after one day he had ran out of supplies and was in so much pain.

It was the perfect opportunity to check out Eaze and see what everyone was raving on about.

As you click the link in the description you will be taken to Eaze Website, you’ll be asked to enter your address.

As of now, they deliver to San Diego, parts of LA , Orange County,  and most of the entire Bay Area.

As you press on the “Lookup” button on their homepage, you will immediately redirected to their menu.

This was great, as we thought we were going to be shown a bunch of useless dispensaries.

The trichomes on some of the weeds looked amazing and they do have quite a large selection of edibles and concentrates.

The process is simple, you simply add them to your cart and pay at the end.

Prices are affordable and you can pick up a 1/8 oz for around 35 Dollars, depending on the strain.

The rest of the process is a breeze. You simply enter your details, including your medical ID card number and choose your preferred payment process.

How to Get Started Using Eaze Weed Delivery?

Eaze has made it so simple, that it’s easier than ordering a pizza.

If you already have a valid medical marijuana card, then simply go to their online store and get some strains.

You can also take advantage of our $20 Coupon.

If you like ordering your medical marijuana from the comfort of your home and receiving them in less than 30 minutes, then you should definitely try them out. For more information, visit the link in the description!


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