Dr. Pierre Geoffroy – Medical Cannabis at the Bedside, Patient Experience in Long-Term Care

“Dr. Geoffroy will present his experience using medicinal cannabis with elders and review how cannabis is offered, ordered, obtained, dosed and monitored. Efficacy and side-effects will be reviewed and compared to experiences described in literature. Limitations using this product will be presented, as well as recommendations for medicinal cannabis use in the future.”

“Dr. Geoffroy, MDCM, MSC, FCFP, DABAM, FASAM, did his medical training in internal medicine, family medicine, and emergency medicine. Prior to obtaining his medical degree from McGill University, Dr Geoffroy completed a BSC in Nutrition also from McGill and then a MSc in experimental nutrition from the University of Toronto. In addition, he completed a MSc in Epidemiology at McGill while completing his training in Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Geoffroy enjoyed a 25 year career in the Pharmaceutical Industry conducting research at Wyeth, SmithKline Beecham, and Sanofi Pasteur. For the last six years of his pharmaceutical career, he conducted abuse liability studies designed for regulatory drug approval.

Being Board-certified in Addiction Medicine, Dr Geoffroy currently divides his clinical practice between providing medical support for patients with Substance Use Disorders, and care of elderly patients in long term care.”

“Cannabis conferences that feel more like product placement opportunities. “Networking” events that end up filling trash cans with discarded business cards. Insights that turn out to have no practical application.

We’ve all been there – which is why we’re so dedicated to making Microscopes & Machines an antidote to your typical boring conference. We’ve been busy creating in-depth content to help highlight what makes us special, but we also know how busy you are, so we wanted to take a moment to just plainly lay out why this is a one-of-a-kind cannabis and help conference.

1) Speakers: 16 speakers over two tracks featuring the experts who are actively creating the future of cannabis medicine and manufacturing. Click here for a full list of speakers.

2) Vibratorium: Live entertainment, CBD mocktails, special treats, and giveaways to close out the event in style. Click here to learn more.

3) Networking: Take advantage of our unprecedented array of experts to make connections and ask questions normally reserved for paid consultations.

4) The Giving Spirit: 10% of proceeds will be donated to The Giving Spirit, which provides immediate aid to homeless people and families in L.A. Click here to learn more.

5) Organic Meals: There’s no such thing as a good time without good food: Breakfast snacks, lunch and dinner will be served by local, organic restaurants.

6) Technology: Get a sneak peek at some of the latest innovations in cannabis manufacturing and technology, shown here for the first time ever.”

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