Delivery for Mary Jayne

A college-aged girl who is so desperate to get out of her mother’s home that she pledges a famously anti-drug sorority. Trouble comes knocking when her marijuana delivery man rings the door bell while she’s hosting the sorority at her house

Directed and written by Erica Ira Malca
Director of Photography: Armando Jose Benavidez
Sound: Gillian DeGuzman

Alexandra Balbierz as Mary Jayne
Zachary Goller as Gregory
Pauline Nguyen as Daisy Mae Woo
Vanessa Garcia as Sister Christy
Kalyn McKenzie as Maddie
Evan Louie as Sister Evana
Ashley Emmerson as Sister Bryttani
Misty Murray as Sister Misti
Taylor Sezen as Sister Sandy Barbara


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