Culture & Cannabis Episode #008 – Brooksie Hussle

Welcome to the Culture & Cannabis podcast! The goal of this podcast is to show off the mover, shakers and money makers in the cannabis industry and the cannabis culture.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Brooksie Hussle is an innovational edible maker and advocate for cannabis chefs worldwide. He is the CEO of Kandy Grillz and The CannaChef Union, both emerging companies in the industry. Hussle and his team work hard and are consistently defeating the odds when it comes to entering the legal cannabis industry.
Brooksie is single handedly producing original, never before seen edibles while shining light on his fellow teammates and union members along his journey. Hussle’s company, Kandy Grillz, are edible candied grillz that you can sit on your teeth and wear like rappers do, except you can eat these! They are never before seen and come in THC, CBD, and non-medicated versions. You can buy the Kandy Grillz directly at or check out their Instagram at @kandy_grillz to see all retail locations.
Hussle encourages his squad to be innovative as well through the union. The union is a collective of cannachefs that gain opportunities, sponsorships, and more through the program. The platform is never before seen and is a key tool to helping cannachefs achieve greatness in the industry. The union is also a space where all cannachefs and edible producers can communicate with each other privately, discuss techniques, and learn from one another to be better overall in their careers. The union is the hub for all cannachefs and edible makers worldwide.
Hussle is currently expanding the union worldwide and is going to start certifying chefs himself, through the platform. If you want to join the CannaChef Union, all you have to do is text “chefunion” to 474747 for details. As long as you have a smart device with a good Wi-Fi connection, you can join from anywhere in the world. Check it out on Instagram at @thecannachefunion.

The two host are Anthony M. Lee (@fulltimetony) and JC Coats (@_jc_coats). JC Coats is a Las Vegas native who is an overall marketer and event planner. His resume is very long but he most notably started Culture & Cannabis event, which is one of the biggest monthly cannabis in the country. JC also does a ton of marketing consulting for cannabis companies, restaurants, nightclubs and a lot more. Tony is from Las Vegas but currently lives in Reno, Nevada. Tony is the founder of Reno As F***, Reno Cannabis Convention and Budtender Fight Club Reno. Tony also does marketing and sales consulting for cannabis companies such as Harmonious CBD.


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