Craft Brew News # 13 – Caviar and Cannabis in Hollywood


Craft Brew News – 01/11/19

0.05 (Blood Alcohol Content) BAC Limit Takes Effect in Utah

Utah will have the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation as of December 30, according to NPR. The state’s 0.05 blood alcohol content limit goes into effect just one day before New Year’s Eve.

The legal limit for the rest of the country remains 0.08., which the American Beverage Institute told NPR would take about four drinks for a 180-pound man to reach. It would only take two drinks for a 180-pound man to hit Utah’s new 0.05 limit, however.

Utah’s 0.05 BAC limit was initially signed into law in March 2017, but it took more than a year to implement due to a review process that was intended to ensure it didn’t lead to any unintended consequences. As the new BAC limit goes into effect, Utah continues to be an outlier on alcohol-related laws. The state will soon be one of the last in the nation the bar grocery, convenience and big box stores from selling beer above 3.2 alcohol by weight.

Threes Brewing Partners with Caviar for Home Delivery

New York’s Threes Brewing Company has partnered with delivery service Caviar to offer on-demand beer delivery within a four-mile radius of its taproom in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood. The company hopes to expand the service in the future.

There is a $15 minimum for deliveries, which shouldn’t be an issue since prices range from $15 for a 500 mL bottle to a $20 4-pack of cans.

Scotty’s Brewhouse Chain Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The Scotty’s Brewhouse brewpub chain has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to Inside Indiana Business.

Before the calendars flip to 2019, Scotty’s plans to close four unprofitable locations in Muncie and Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as Carmel and Waco, Texas.

In a press release, Scotty’s Brewhouse president Chris Martin said the company’s focus will shift to “growing the brand through franchising as well as management agreements.”

In December 2016, Scotty’s founder Scott Wise sold the chain, which he founded in 1996, along with two Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co. brewpubs to a subsidiary of Arizona-based Due North Holdings LLC.

West Hollywood Approves Cannabis Cafes and Restaurants

The city of West Hollywood, California, recently approved several applications for cannabis restaurants, cafes and lounges, according to Eater Los Angeles. Among the approved locations are:

Eight cafes where only edibles can be consumed
Eight lounges where cannabis smoking, vaping and edible consumption will be permitted
Eight medical dispensaries
Eight adult-use retailers
Eight cannabis delivery services

Approved businesses now have a year to obtain a business license through the city and secure storefronts.

States Eyeing Cannabis Legalization in 2019

Marijuana Moment editor and Forbes contributor Tom Angell recently examined the states that appear poised to legalize recreational use cannabis in 2019. Those states include Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Other states such as Kansas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas and South Carolina could follow suit through ballot initiatives or the legalization of medical use cannabis.

So far, 10 states have legalized recreational use cannabis, and 33 states allow marijuana use for medical purposes.

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