CordovaCann Corp (CNSX:CDVA) Expanding US Footprint Includes California and Washington

CordovaCann Corp (CNSX:CDVA) (OTCMKTS:LVRLF) is a cannabis-focused, consumer products company. CEO Taz Turner discusses the “holy grail of cannabis”: creating cannabis products with reliable, predictable results. CordovaCann is prioritizing growth and is currently expanding its USA footprint to include key states California and Washington. The company also has an option on a pending LP in Ontario and plans to use the facility to serve international operations. In 2019, the company plans to finish its Oregon expansion, which will make the company fully vertically integrated in that jurisdiction, driving significant revenue. In the past, CordovaCann has raised capital internally, but Turner anticipates greater public financing in the future. Turner estimates that the company’s shareholders are split evenly between Canada and the United States and that management holds at 25-35 percent of shares.


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