Community Opt-Out for Marijuana Retail

On June 25th, Illinois Gov. Pritzker signed legislation to approve so-called “recreational” marijuana for persons 21 years old and older. When this law takes effect on January 1, 2020, it will allow the licensed growth, sales, possession and use of marijuana. The Land of Lincoln becomes the 11th state to legalize this dangerous intoxicant for recreational purposes.

There is, however, a way to mitigate the consequences of this destructive policy. The bill that was passed by the General Assembly and hastily signed into law by our governor allows villages, cities and counties to opt out of marijuana retail sales. If you do not want marijuana addicts and recreational users driving in and out of your community regularly to purchase drugs, this important option must be considered.

ACTION: Ask your local mayor, village trustees, aldermen and county board members to pass an ordinance prohibiting marijuana dispensaries and marijuana businesses in your community. The Village of Morton in central Illinois is the first municipality to pass such an ordinance. Their ordinance can serve as a template for other communities:

Click HERE for this sample ordinance:


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